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Weekly Maintenance

Cutting of lawn areas (weather permitting), throughout the growing season. All lawn areas will be edged and kept neatly trimmed, including removal of grass clippings from the property to maintain a manicured appearance. 

Aeration and Over-seeding

For a thick, beautiful, healthy green lawn Aerating and Over-seeding id the BEST thing you can do. By removing thousands of 3" deep plugs from the soil, a core aeration will allow water, oxygen, and nutrients directly to the root zone. After Aeration is the most ideal time to over-seed and apply fertilizer. 

Spring Clean Ups

Removal of all leaves, twigs and other debris from beds and lawn areas for germination of existing grass and new grass to develop. All beds are precisely defined and edged.

Fall Clean Ups

Removal of leaves, twigs, and debris. All beds are blown out and the lawn is given a final cut and edging for the season. 


Larger trees, shrubs, bushes, annuals, and perennials. (See Here for a more detailed description of what we offer.)

Trimming and Pruning

Flowering Trees and shrubs are pruned only after the flowering season. 


The Process of vigorously raking up excess thatch (the layer of dead grass) to give soil and grass roots access to water, oxygen, sunlight and nutrients.

Dumping Sand

Transform your outdoor space with our top-quality topsoil and mulch delivery services. 
Additional Services
  • Topsoil/fill and seed/sod lawns

  • Gravel/black top driveway and walkways

  • Rain water catchment systems

  • Drainage repairs and drainage systems

  • Weeding

  • Mulch - (Natural, Chocolate, or Black)

  • Gutter blow out (only can be done with Spring and Fall Clean Ups)

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